Sunday, June 19, 2011

the week in brief n. 2

- I have been "suffering" from the most dreadful writer's block! I have this blog post about the modelling experience, that I started the day after I got back....but I can't seem to be able to finish it or improve it. The 2 posts from today prior to this took me days to type up and finish. ...hopefully my creative juices will start flowing again soon!

- still unemployed *sigh*

- on Thursday morning I went for a coffee with a special friend, we both really needed it. Should do this more often.

- as of today I am home alone for a few days. I think I need it, to prove to myself and "the world" that I can be independent too. Although I will probably be a bit scared come night time(I live in a bit of a dodgy area), I'm pretty sure I'll be able to manage!

- discussions are being held to go back to Florence towards the end of summer for a big proper photo shoot for the designer I modelled for last week.

- I'm a bit all over the place body wise. Italy was REALLY hot and humid, temperatures around or over the 30 degrees mark. When I landed back in Dublin it was 13, 2 days later it was 8 and down pouring... I thought the weather forecasters said we were gonna have a super hot summer with heat around 30 degrees?!

- this week's food indulgence is going to be: salmon in a million different ways and tonnes of Italian pasta and wine!


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  1. hmm I know what you mean about being unemployed I too am looking for a job.

    Good luck x