Monday, June 28, 2010

No 7 Colour Calming Make Up base review

Firstly I want to say Thank You to all those who are sending feedback about the blog and videos: THANK YOU!!!!
Secondly... guys don't be scared to leave PUBLIC comments! I have now had about 30 people(friends excluded) contacting me to thank me and request reviews/tutorials... However they were all done privately. Seriously, don't be scared! (and it also makes me look kind of daft. I mean, people passing by the blog/YouTube channel will be thinking "Why the hell does she keep on doing this if nobody cares?!").

Anyhow! Let's get to the review.....
We all have to leave with skin imperfections and most of us try to cover them to achieve that perfectly air brushed finish we all dream of. This is particularly hard for very fair skinned people, because our skin will blush at the drop of a hat and there's NO disguising it unless we tarmac our face with layers of concelear, foundation and powder.
I personally find the redness getting VERY bad in winter and summer. In winter because the constant going outdoors and then back in REALLY stresses the skin, especially with the big temperature change; plus let's not forget that cold wind on our cheeks that makes us look like clowns on the loose. In the summer it's of course the body over heating, sweating and...making us turn red.
So here come in green concelears or green moisturisers. Why green? Because it counter acts the colour red and neutralises it.
As I am not personally a big fun of the "cakey" look, I decided I will not go ahead and use tons of pore clogging and heavy green concelear on big areas of my face.
So I opted for the green make-up base option and decided to try one that has had very good reviews.

Well let me tell you I have very mixed feelings about it...
As it's a make-up base it also has moisturising prperties and I am REALLY happy with that side of it: skin stays smooth and not at all greasy for a very very long time and dries very quickly for you to carry on with you make-up applicaion.
It has a very very subtle smell which you only smell off the bottle when you squeeze it, you don't smell it AT ALL when applying it.
Because the bottle reads "make-up base", I thought it would basically mean "face primer"...boy was I wrong!!!! Assuming that I went ahead and applied it all over my face...only for it to turn me into a green mutant! Heeelp call the space police!!!
So I decided to try a different technique: apply ONLY on the red areas. It did actually turn down the redness quite a bit...however if I made the mistake of going 1 mm over non rosy skin, the green would show up IMMEDIATELY! Even after applying a nice layer of compact powder(I am not a big fan of foundation...) the green would still slightly show on non rosy skin, especially under natural light. I guess it's because there is no pigmentation at all there. Maybe it wors better in that sense on someone with fair skin but with no albinism...
Maybe the unwanted "green-ness" would disappear with some foundation over... I will let you know if I try that and what's the result.
Ciao for now.



PS: I am fiddlying with the layout so please excuse if writing or photos or framse are a bit off or anything goes wrong.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neutrogena Nourishing Glow Body Moisturiser review


In my(and your) quest to look less "ghostly" white, I have purchased and tried a new self tanner.'s not quite marketed as a self tanner per se. This is the right kind of DIY product us people with albinism should go for to not look like an hoompa-loompa.
I'm talking about daily moisturiser that GRADUALLY build up your tan, and don't just make you go orange after ona application.
I had heard from a black fellow person with albinism( I HATE the word "albino") that they had achieved pretty good results with this, so I thought to go for it. I had been looking for it in Boots but with no luck, for some reason they don't retail it. But! The other day I found it in a €2 shop! I thought "if it goes wrong and have to end up giving it to someone I know, at least I have only wasted €2 !".

So, let me start by saying I am quite happy with the tan result. As I mentioned above, it's a gradual tanner which means the tan builds up day by day.
It takes about 3 or 4 hours for it to start developing and overnight it works its magic. It doesn't have that strong biscuity fake tan smell when you put it on, but it does show up after about 3 hours and it lingers on for a few hours. I have to say it is quite streaky after the first time, however after you apply more the second day, it blends in quite easily.
As for the "nourishing moisturiser" didn't do too much of a good job. It did leave my skin silky but for only about 3 hours, so now I mix it with a normal moisturiser. It takes quite a while to dry and obviously you can't get dressed whilst it's drying; of course you could put clothes on, but they would stain.
I made the mistake of applying this after shaving in the shower and some areas of my legs did sting for a few minutes, although not so long that I had to hop back into the shower.
One negative is: it does NOT work on marks. I have a few scars on my legs and unfortunately a big amount of stretch marks(thank God restricted to the top of my legs) and this cream didn't too well on those areas.
I am always a bit wary about applying self tanners on my face, so I decided NOT to try it on this area.
Below are a few photos I took today(after the second application)

I will be doing a video review very soon as well so you can see the results better.
Leave a comment if you have any questions.
Also I would like to say that the layout is NOT definitive just yet, I am still fiddling with it. Some of you told me they preferred the old one, graphycally wise so did I, but it was a bit hard to read... So bear with me whilst I look for the right combination...
Ciao for now


pet peeve... false advertising?

I just have a little thing to take off my chest...

What's the point in advertising something if you don't actually show what it does?! I'm talking cosmetics here, especially mascaras ads.
Explain to me what is the point of enhancing lashes with falsies, post production etc? Are you trying to mislead your target(us the readers)? You make those lashes look so full, long and defined......but it's not the product you are advertising that makes them look so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
I don't care if you are going to write "X's lashes where enhanced in post production" or "X is wearing false lashes". WHY advertise the mascara if you are going to NOT show what it really does?! Is it because it really is NOT the next best thing and it's NOT going to make my lashes 500% longer and thicker and more defined?!

Someone explain to me....
*steps down her box*

Ciao for now my little elfs


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FrontCover new collection !

One of my fave make-up brands have launched their new summer collection!!!
This includes the following:

Rainbow Eyes Reborn, as the name suggests, is a palette that had A LOT of success but because FrontCover only used to bring out collections at Christmas time, people then wouldn't be able to find their palettes after the january sale were over. I personally think it's FANTASTIC they've brought out this whole new collection!
I definitely have my eyes on this!

The one that REALLY caught my attention though is the following one:

I mean.....look at all those blue's!!!! And you know me, I am a sucker for blue's!! The green's, cream's and brown look AMAZING as well!!!
Looking forward to getting my paws on it when I have a bit more liquidity available...
The collection is available in selected Boots stores, but you can now buy it WORLDWIDE on here .
Their website is .
Ciao for now my little elves

*Edit - since the post went online it has been featured on Frontcover's facebook page which you can find here



Monday, June 7, 2010

WOW BROWN review on YouTube

you can find this video on my channel:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WOW BROWN spray tan review

Spray tan update: I AM LOVING IT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did try to make a YouTube video TWICE but the stupid audio wouldn't record, I need a bit more time to look into it.
So here follows my review on the beautiful WOW BROWN.

First of all I couldn't praise Emma, the girl that did the spraying, high enough: after all half the success of sunless tanning is application!!! The brand is Irish, made by two lovely Irish women and designed especially for pale complexions.
Unlike all the other fake tans it did not smell of biscuit, if not for all of five minutes between me waking up and showering. I have to say last night and this morning when I woke up I was quite scared as it looked VERY dark, but Emma did warn me. So I had my shower and all of the dark excess just washed off magically!!!!
And I came out of the shower all bronzed and lovely. I CANNOT tell you how beautiful and natural it looks!!!! I absolutely love love LOVE it !!!!!
There was only one tiny bit of excess on my feet that wasn't washed off but nothing a cleansing wipe couldn't "correct".
It didn't rub off on my clothes AT ALL!! not yesterday after getting it done, not this morning after waking up, not after the shower, not during the day!! The only thing it stained a bit is my big toe nails, but I really don't care, I never show them anyway (I have a BIG toe phobia!!!).
I don't think I am fat or anything but to be honest this tan DOES make me look thinner, especially my athletic legs!
Taking advantage of the lovely weather I went out this afternoon and ...girls...let me tell you, I couldn't keep up with the compliments, whistling and looks!!! I swear I have NEVER felt SO confident EVER before in my whole life!!! It was actually a bit weird to be honest....
I really cannot tell you how much I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this; LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!
Here is a few photos to show yous what it looks like today

-never mind the area around my mouth, I have the awfully bad habit of chewing on my lips and playing with them so the tan did rub off a bit there, but nothing a bit of make up cannot fix hehe-

If you want more info on the brand, with a list of retailers in Ireland and whatever else you want to know, just go to
I forgot to mention the tan was €25: a BARGAIN for a spray tan in Dublin city center, especially for a mobile one!
I will try to find a way to do a vlog review tomorrow or over the bank holiday weekend.
If you are from Dublin and you want Emma's contact, just leave a comment with your e-mail and I will get back to you...
Ciao for now

PS: I will do a proper blog/vlog on spray tans and fake tans later. I did A LOT of studying and WOW BROWN was one of 2 finalists I picked fm

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WOW BROWN: the holy grail of spray tans!!!

( far anyway....)

As I mentioned on here and in my vlog today I got my FIRST ever spray tan and OH MY GOD!!!!!! I think I will become ADDICTED to it!!!!!

The Brand is called Wow Brown, their website is, on there you can find all the info that you need. I have been studying(yes, you heard me right) spray tans for a while, what might and might not work on my kind of skin, the brands, I have been reading about the experiences oof other people with albinism with spray tans and everything. But I will explain thisin more detail in a future post and vlog(sorry I'm in a bit of a hurry but the second last Glee episode of the season is on in less than half an hour...hehe).
A lovely girl called Emma came over to my place and did it; I had a bit of a "Hollywood" know you see all these big stars getting their spray tans done in their balconies or patios....well I had mine done out at the back(see photo below) !! LOL

Let me tell you guys, it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Baring in mind the patches will wash off in the morning when I shower, here are some photos....

I will keep you guys posted on how it developes and hopefully tomorrow I will do a YouTube review.
If any of you are from Dublin and want Emma;s phone number or email, just leave me your e-mail in a comment
Bye for now
Lil xx

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and we're live!!!!

First video is online on youtube

let me know what you guys think!!!
Ciao my little elves!!!
Lil xx