Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WOW BROWN: the holy grail of spray tans!!!

( far anyway....)

As I mentioned on here and in my vlog today I got my FIRST ever spray tan and OH MY GOD!!!!!! I think I will become ADDICTED to it!!!!!

The Brand is called Wow Brown, their website is, on there you can find all the info that you need. I have been studying(yes, you heard me right) spray tans for a while, what might and might not work on my kind of skin, the brands, I have been reading about the experiences oof other people with albinism with spray tans and everything. But I will explain thisin more detail in a future post and vlog(sorry I'm in a bit of a hurry but the second last Glee episode of the season is on in less than half an hour...hehe).
A lovely girl called Emma came over to my place and did it; I had a bit of a "Hollywood" know you see all these big stars getting their spray tans done in their balconies or patios....well I had mine done out at the back(see photo below) !! LOL

Let me tell you guys, it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Baring in mind the patches will wash off in the morning when I shower, here are some photos....

I will keep you guys posted on how it developes and hopefully tomorrow I will do a YouTube review.
If any of you are from Dublin and want Emma;s phone number or email, just leave me your e-mail in a comment
Bye for now
Lil xx

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