Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neutrogena Nourishing Glow Body Moisturiser review


In my(and your) quest to look less "ghostly" white, I have purchased and tried a new self tanner.'s not quite marketed as a self tanner per se. This is the right kind of DIY product us people with albinism should go for to not look like an hoompa-loompa.
I'm talking about daily moisturiser that GRADUALLY build up your tan, and don't just make you go orange after ona application.
I had heard from a black fellow person with albinism( I HATE the word "albino") that they had achieved pretty good results with this, so I thought to go for it. I had been looking for it in Boots but with no luck, for some reason they don't retail it. But! The other day I found it in a €2 shop! I thought "if it goes wrong and have to end up giving it to someone I know, at least I have only wasted €2 !".

So, let me start by saying I am quite happy with the tan result. As I mentioned above, it's a gradual tanner which means the tan builds up day by day.
It takes about 3 or 4 hours for it to start developing and overnight it works its magic. It doesn't have that strong biscuity fake tan smell when you put it on, but it does show up after about 3 hours and it lingers on for a few hours. I have to say it is quite streaky after the first time, however after you apply more the second day, it blends in quite easily.
As for the "nourishing moisturiser" didn't do too much of a good job. It did leave my skin silky but for only about 3 hours, so now I mix it with a normal moisturiser. It takes quite a while to dry and obviously you can't get dressed whilst it's drying; of course you could put clothes on, but they would stain.
I made the mistake of applying this after shaving in the shower and some areas of my legs did sting for a few minutes, although not so long that I had to hop back into the shower.
One negative is: it does NOT work on marks. I have a few scars on my legs and unfortunately a big amount of stretch marks(thank God restricted to the top of my legs) and this cream didn't too well on those areas.
I am always a bit wary about applying self tanners on my face, so I decided NOT to try it on this area.
Below are a few photos I took today(after the second application)

I will be doing a video review very soon as well so you can see the results better.
Leave a comment if you have any questions.
Also I would like to say that the layout is NOT definitive just yet, I am still fiddling with it. Some of you told me they preferred the old one, graphycally wise so did I, but it was a bit hard to read... So bear with me whilst I look for the right combination...
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  1. Hi there, wonderful idea for a blog! I have OCA1 and am only just recently venturing into the world of makeup. I'm hooked though, and watchng you video on self tanning made me want to give it a go. I just tried Dove summer glow moisturiser on a patch of skin to test if it will work on me. But it's been three hours now and nothing's happened! There isn't even a hint of colour there. I wonder if I have to reapply a few times before anything happens? What are your experiences with self tanning?
    I also wanted to ask whether you've found any facial tanners that work really well? I'm a bit nervous about putting anything on my face without knowing it works first... Any ideas?
    All the best with the blog and the youtube channel. I'm looking forward to more tips etc in future. xx

  2. Thank you and welcome to my blog!
    Dove summer glow is a gradual tanner, meaning it takes a few hours to show, usually overnight is long enough. Then decide if it's enough colour for you.
    Face/neck wise i would just use make up. However a friend of mine with albinism swears by banana boat summer color. I am looking into trying it too very soon.
    Keep reading & watching !

  3. I just bought this by mistake, thought it was a normal moisturiser. I use it for my hands because my water is hard at home. It'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow as I've used it tonight haha.

  4. Good luck Funky!
    If it's too tanned use a make up remover wipe or even tooth paste

  5. Ladies!!!! I too am albino and I truly appreciate your blogs on make up etc.... I must be honest though and telly you that it somewhat saddens me to see you trying self tanner. You should be proud of the color of your skin. I know it's hard as I too have struggled but we really need to work together to change the way that people look at us. You are beautiful!!! Thanks for the blogs!!!

  6. i don't honestly use it every single week, probably 3 weeks in the whole year? some colours and some clothes look better with a bit of tan, that's all.

  7. I live in Scotland, U.K. and have used this product for a couple of yearfs and love it. I have Vitiligo and like to have a bit of colour in the summer and what I liked about the moisturiser was there is no after odour. However, sadly here it would now appear that it has been withdrawn as none of the usual on-line sites have it in stock and I am unable to now find a source for it. Can anyone help or confirm whether it is no longer being made. Thanks, Sandra

  8. Hello Sandra and welcome to my blog!
    Unfortunately it appears none of us can find this anymore (thankfully I still have a bottle). I will try and contact their PR rep and see if I can find out something.
    A good alternative for you could be the Jergens gradual tanners on