Thursday, June 17, 2010

pet peeve... false advertising?

I just have a little thing to take off my chest...

What's the point in advertising something if you don't actually show what it does?! I'm talking cosmetics here, especially mascaras ads.
Explain to me what is the point of enhancing lashes with falsies, post production etc? Are you trying to mislead your target(us the readers)? You make those lashes look so full, long and defined......but it's not the product you are advertising that makes them look so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
I don't care if you are going to write "X's lashes where enhanced in post production" or "X is wearing false lashes". WHY advertise the mascara if you are going to NOT show what it really does?! Is it because it really is NOT the next best thing and it's NOT going to make my lashes 500% longer and thicker and more defined?!

Someone explain to me....
*steps down her box*

Ciao for now my little elfs


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