Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TRESemme split remedy leave-in treatment

Whenever anyone asks me what's the part of my body I prefer or would never change, I will ALWAYS say my hair.
I have now had very long hair since I was 18 and I it's safe to say it's probably my Linus' blanket.
I have to admit though that, as much as I look after it with care and products, though I am not as good when it comes to trimming.
Especially the last 4 years I have trimmed the ends probably every nine or ten months, and when that happened I have found myself literally shedding a few tears when I saw the scissors chopping away and hair fall to the ground.
Inevitably this lead to the appearance of horrible split ends, though thankfully not looking too bad as my hair it's very hydrated and healthy.
So when I decided to try something for it I turned to TRESemme and their new line of split remedy products.
I didn't go for the shampoo or conditioner as I didn't wanna change mine and these didn't have very good reviews, plus I suspected they would be incredibly heavy on my hair. I also didn't go for the masque because I have a pet hate of products that you have to wash off.
So I went for the leave-in treatment and I'm very glad I did.

The brand claims: Protect your hair from the damaging effects of styling including breakage, frizz and dryness with this lightweight leave-in formula. It works to restore moisturisation and softness to repair up to 80% of split ends, leaving your hair visibly smoother and shiny looking.
How to Use: start with TRESemmé Split Mend Shampoo and Split Mend Conditioner.Dispense 2-3 pumps of treatment into hands. Distribute through towel dried or damp hair, concentrating on the ends. Do not rinse.You can also apply a small amount on the ends of dry hair for added smoothing and conditioning throughout the day.

My verdict:. I use it 2 or 3 times a week on dry or wet hair, I only apply 1 pump on my ends as I feel it would weight down my hair if I did on the whole length. It pretty much fixed a good 80% of split ends and although if you look closely you can see where it has split, the tips do look sealed. With this leave-in treatment I have been able to reclaim my natural big waves as hair dries a lot smoother and I now only straighten it for special occasions. The gorgeous TRESemme trade mark fragrance is a lovely added bonus. I have also noticed a major improvement in breakage.
I would most definitely recommend it to whoever is looking for a split ends remedy.

Let me know if you too have tried it or plan to


Friday, April 13, 2012

Aintree at your own peril

(see what I did there with the title?!)

It's that time of year again!!! Ladies day at numerous (horse) races all around Ireland and the UK and you just can't escape them, weither it's for the winners of the races, or for the (very questionable) fashion choices.

I LOVE horses, and I did start training as a jockey when I was very young (I bet you didn't see that one coming), however I enjoy studying Ladies' day outfits more than the horses themselves.

So I thought I'd do on here what I normally do with my friends: a good awl Fashion Police session!
In this post I focus on today's Aintree event, in Liverpool.

(all photos from the UK Daily Mail ebsite)

I see a lot of too small or too big shoes. I predict a shower of gel pads/in soles and a ton of super sore feet and blisters. I personally never saw the point in buying/wearing shoes that are not your size...

look! 2 Christmas trees with the most hideous of hair extentions

I introduce you to: √Ź forgot to orange up from the ankles down, I love my satsuma face and my hair piece is 766 shades too light", "I love to sport an orange forehead and a white face and I have the worst fake tanning job on my legs" and "I hope the scaffolding of hair spray doesn't fall down and these poofy sleeves are doing the contrary of disguising the top of my arms and shoulders

I hear she's gonna be introduced to bras and properly fitted clothes very, very soon

on the left I give you "how to recycle your Easter eggs wrapping paper"


For more "entertainment", please see here.

I hope you enjoied the show...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm legally blind, so what?!

"Oh! But...where's your guide dog? And your cane?! So you can never get a surgery to fix it? How do you cope?!".
These are but a few of the questions I get thrown at me pretty much on a daily basis.
When people hear the word "blind", even with "legally" attached to it, they immediately link it to "seeing nothing".
I love the look on people's faces when they "realise", and how they quickly have to point out "but your make up is gorgeous! and your hair do! and your outfit is not miss matched!". A few times I actually have told someone it was down to my make-up artist/hair dresser/stylist. Hey, I need a new "spin" on the story every now and again and if I don't have fun with the situation, who will?!

Dogs scare the absolute daylight out of me after being attacked by one as a child, so getting a guide one has always been completely out of the question. Besides I don't really need one. Same goes for a cane; I do misjudge or miss the odd step from time to time, but who doesn't, right?!

Many of the people I know very often tell me they tend to forget I am "differently sighted" (I am SO politically correct like that!) most of the time, until I have to take out my phone to text someone or I ask them to read something far away for me. I have to be honest and admit that at 28 I still don't know how to react to that.
Was I wrong in not acting on my "different ability" so far and not taking "advantage" of it? Or is the fact people have to be reminded, every now and again, that I AM actually legally blind, a credit to my constant strive for normality and independence?

Since I was a teenager and had access to the Internet I have constantly kept myself updated in regards to treatments or (im!)possible surgeries to try and fix, or even just slightly better my vision. And for that reason I know that there is no operation available at the moment to improve my 1/20 vision (nope, that is NOT a typo, it IS 1/20).
It's the aspect I probably struggle with the most; mankind has allegedly gone to the Moon and back, cloned animals (and other human beings?!), invented pop candy, so on and so forth....but still hasn't been able to come up with something ingenious for us in the "not completely blind, but not with a decent eye sight either" limbo.
However, because you just never know, because it was free, and because I find it interesting to discuss my eyes, I recently decided to go for a laser eye surgery consultation.
I have to be honest, it was NOT a pleasant day. Even though I knew exactly what I was going to be told and what to expect, it STILL went on to distress me. Expectedly I was told they couldn't do anything for me: surprise, surprise!
I guess it's different telling people on a daily basis that I'm stuck with this, and actually being told by someone in the know.
It really did upset me big time, it still does: the constant thought of knowing what amazing things I could do with "that little bit extra of vision" just eats away at me every single day.
Sure I could be judged for seeing the glass half empty (hands up who drank that half, by the way!), but why should I just focus on what I can do, when it's NEVER enough and constantly makes me wanna do more?!
Recently I am finding trying to deal with this aspect, extremely hard. I think the fact I can't find a job has also critically polarised the whole thing in my head.
If you don't have a disability, you just cannot comprehend the constant feeling of frustration, the unflagging sense of "I'll never get there, no matter how hard I try", the perpetual notion of "you'll never be good enough".
And I have to live with that every waking hour of the day.

So to answer to the query "how do you cope?": I just have to.
Or else.....