Friday, April 13, 2012

Aintree at your own peril

(see what I did there with the title?!)

It's that time of year again!!! Ladies day at numerous (horse) races all around Ireland and the UK and you just can't escape them, weither it's for the winners of the races, or for the (very questionable) fashion choices.

I LOVE horses, and I did start training as a jockey when I was very young (I bet you didn't see that one coming), however I enjoy studying Ladies' day outfits more than the horses themselves.

So I thought I'd do on here what I normally do with my friends: a good awl Fashion Police session!
In this post I focus on today's Aintree event, in Liverpool.

(all photos from the UK Daily Mail ebsite)

I see a lot of too small or too big shoes. I predict a shower of gel pads/in soles and a ton of super sore feet and blisters. I personally never saw the point in buying/wearing shoes that are not your size...

look! 2 Christmas trees with the most hideous of hair extentions

I introduce you to: Ï forgot to orange up from the ankles down, I love my satsuma face and my hair piece is 766 shades too light", "I love to sport an orange forehead and a white face and I have the worst fake tanning job on my legs" and "I hope the scaffolding of hair spray doesn't fall down and these poofy sleeves are doing the contrary of disguising the top of my arms and shoulders

I hear she's gonna be introduced to bras and properly fitted clothes very, very soon

on the left I give you "how to recycle your Easter eggs wrapping paper"


For more "entertainment", please see here.

I hope you enjoied the show...


  1. "I hope you enjoied the show..."

    What a lovely person you are.

  2. Wow. That's just really unnecessary...I don't understand why you'd be so bitchy about it. How vile.