Sunday, December 11, 2011

My winter essentials


Vichy Aqualia Antiox Hydrating cream

You can read my review of this here . I use this as my daily moisturiser mixed with an anti redness cream.
As yup know my skin is super sensitive so you can imagine what the strong Irish cold winds do to it, team it with going from the cold weather to heated interiors, equals a very unhappy skin.

Here are the 2 anti redness products I use:

Roc Calmance Soothing Moisturiser

Read my review of this here .

Witch skincare Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser
Here you'll find my review.

Lip balm

My lips, just like my skin, are super super sensitive and need extra care in winter. My current lip balm obsession that has been going on since mid august is

Carmex moisture plus Clear

I am absolutely in LOVE with this!!!! love love love!!!! Go buy it people!!! It is a tad bit pricey but it's totally worth it!
My lips are very weird in the sense that most other lip balms I've tried before aren't hydrating enough or after a few weeks they just don't have the same effect on my lips anymore. But this is still making my lips super soft after so many months of usage. I've also tried the Peach version but I found it doesn't moisturise as much as the clear version, still VERY good but not as the good as the clear one.


my faves being
ear muffs

a warm hat

I will show you the ones I'm loving right now in a post very soon.

Hot beverages

Gingerbread spicy biscuits
(preferably German)

Lights and scented candles

(this isn't actually just a wintery thing but it is especially appreciated during this season)

So these are my Winter faves, what do you think and what are yours?


Opaque transparencies - photo shoot

People have been asking me to see the photos from the "infamous: Florence photo shoot which was cancelled and rescheduled.
Just in case anyone missed how the shoot was born you can read all about it HERE .

I have to say the sense of camaraderie during the day was amazing, priceless and I have no doubt contributed to the pretty specacular result. We all pitched in with ideas, we all helped on set in as many ways as possible. Well done us for the final product, pat on the back and all that.

A big shout out to the wonderful make up artist Eleonora, here you'll find her website and her Facebook, she does Milan fashion week for crying out loud!
All credits to the talented photographer Anna, here is her website and here is her Facebook
So here are some of the photos.

And a couple more