Monday, February 7, 2011

Vichy Aqualia Antiox Hydrating cream review

I have to say this cream is a bit of a mystery. Why you might ask. Because it doesn't seem to be featured in any of the international Vichy web sites. They all feature the other 3 products from the line, but not the pot cream.
Hmmm....mystery mystery...
Anyway! At the beginning of january I went home for a couple of weeks and whilst I was there I ran out of face cream. I was using the Aqualia fortifying and soothing 24hr cream before and I had my mind set on trying something else from Vichy as I have trusted them over the years.
So I went to my pharmacy and asked for advice to the great pharmacist who's known me since I was 4 and she recommended this.
As I always do, I would quote what the brand says about the product but as I said it couldn't trace it on the website.
I'll just quote what the box says: it's paraben free(which is always good), SPF 15 UVA, ingredients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Pure Citrus Polyphenol™.
So it claims to super hydrate really dry skin(tick) especially of the sensitive kind(tick tick tick), protect the skin from UVA rays(woohoo) and from environmental/pollution agents.
If you thought I was in love with the previous Vichy cream I was using, well....what's more than "in love"? Super duper in love? Whatever it is I'm IT with this cream!
Whilst I was home the temperature never rose over 3 degrees, same here, especially with the 90km/h winds we had last week; under normal circumstances with these conditions, at the end of a day spent out and about, my face would be quite battered, red and kinda burning from the sun/wind/pollution. The other cream kinda targetted this well, but this one REALLY is magic! My skin is nowhere near as red and burning as it's well protected.
The cream goes on a bit thick at first but as you start to massage it into the skin, it melts instantly! It doesn't take ages for it to dry and it really does hydrate your skin all day long!
I have to say I also noticed the wrinkles around my eyes have also improved, although I don't know if that's one of the aims of the cream.
It has a tiny bit of a smell but it's nothing major really.
If you want to try it, and I suggest you do, I would recommend buying it online as you will get it a lot cheaper than in shops(I paid €25 for it in expensive Italy, my guess is it's around the same in rip off Ireland).
Let me know if you have tried it or are going to.



  1. That's funny, I've never seen it but I've rencently tried a Vichy Aqualia Antiox moisturizer that's in a tube! Different packaging, same product??

  2. That's what I suspect?
    It is very strange.....

  3. this one is a cream, the one in the tube is in a fluid form :)

  4. and yes same product,, i tried both and love them..

    the one in a tube came out first..

  5. aaahh mystery solved!! Thank You :-)

  6. I buy the same cream in Canada for around $30 - that would be appoximately 20 euros right? Order in!

  7. Hi, you mention it has a tiny bit of a smell, as a man, could I use it and still feel manly, and if not, could you suggest something.

    Whatever is your answer, thanks, and continue to inform us.

    Happy Holidays, XOXOXO.

    P.S.: Anonymous from Canada, if you read this, and lilfairydoll and you think a guy could use it and still feel manly, could you post the description of the Canadian product, thanks.

  8. hey Drew! if you wear cologne or perfume you won't be able to pick it up to be honest. If you wanna try Vichy just go to a chemist or even shop online for what your skin needs. And remember to always make sure your face moisturiser has an SPF in it

  9. It feels really sticky and a bit got in my mouth and it's REALLY sweet. Is that normal? Does the sticky feeling wear off? It's really freaking me out. I've never used a sticky sugary cream.