Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Accessorize cosmetics review & swatches

With Love Golden Sand baked bronzer and Gamble Illusion Card palette with primer.

I am absolutely in LOVE with the bronzer which I clearly use as a highlighter (see previous post to see what it looks like). I like how it's very sheer so you can build it up however much you like). If you swatch this in the shop, don't be fooled by the pigmentation, it's not THAT shimmery in one swipe when you brush it on your face, you don't instantly turn into a disco ball. Plus it's super soft!

without flash

with flash

I'm kind of 50/50 on the palette and prmer(I bought these online, it worked out A LOT cheaper for me then to buy them here in a shop, rip off Ireland for ya...). I probably wouldn't have bought it had I actually bothered to go swatch it in the shop before hand....
The pigmentation is quite good, except for the middle colour, which is basically non existent. In the photos here I had to build up the colour probably about ten times...
The first and fourth colour aren't all that different at all, the fourth is just slightly darker. The highlight colour is really nice. I tried to catch the beauty of the second one but I couldn't, it's golt a slight but GORGEOUS golden kind of sheen.
As for the primer: it's way too runny, after you apply it DON'T open your eyes or it will crease(a primer that creases?!) and be careful with the amount, just a tiny little or your shadow will crease like crazy. Staying power is quite good, although not as good as UD Primer Potion obviously.


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