Monday, February 7, 2011

My Sparkly Blue period

Because of my visual impairment I am constantly challenging myself for things I want to do, especially those people have always told me I would never be able to do.
One of them is doing detailed things, like make up, painting my nails and doing nail art. I might have to look VERY closely but I think for the gravity of my impairment, I do damn good!

I'm going through a very touch time personally and professionally so I'm constantly trying to find (possibly cheap) ways to distract and cheer myself up. One of those is taking care of my nails. I know they may not be to salon standard and my lines/designs aren't perfect, but I don't care because I did it myself and didn't have to pay anyone else.

Before the Christmas I did a lot of window shopping and going around shops(I love all the lights and decoration at Christmas time) and while doing so I gathered some nail stickers, cheap in price but not in quality.
I did look around at blogs and videos of nail art with stickers but they were all way too complicated for my poor eyes. So I came up with my own ideas.

This is the first I created for Christmas and New Year's

(please bear in mind photos were taken about a week after I did it)

Unfortunately, no matter how long and hard I tried, I didn't manage to capture all the sparkliness of it all!
I used: a French base I've had for such a long time the writing on the bottle has disappeared(it was a HUGE bottle as polishes go), China Glaze Caribbean Blue and Glaciar, the No Chip top coat and the stickers are from Essence(in Ireland you'll find it in Penneys, Dunnes and some pharmacies).
I don't think there's any tutorial or explanation needed, the photo speaks for itself. I took loads of photos of this design so let me know if you want to see them.
This was I guess THE ultimate combo for me: light blue, butterflies and sparkles!
The week after I re did but mixed in different stickers from Nailene I bought in Boots. And I totally forgot to take photos....BLAH, sowwy. I will take some in case I re-do it.

Then last week I still felt in a light blue and sparkles mood so this is what I did:

(I know, the lines aren't perfect. and they're asimmetric)

Polishes as before except under the blue there's a layer of Colour Club French Tip. I know that simply lining the blue with white is easier but I don't have a nail art brush yet. Although I am considering buying a couple of nail art pens from Essence maybe in black, white and silver....we'll see....

Now I am sporting a simple French with Barry M Mint photos as I've run out of batteries for my battery sucking camera.

Let me know what you guys think, what you'd do different, if you wanna try these etc etc



  1. Well even if I see perfectly (with my glasses or contacts on, that is) I could NEVER do something that pretty to my nails!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the first one. That's so pretty :-)