Friday, February 18, 2011

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter review

Yes, I confess: never before had I tried Soap & Glory
Why I hear you ask. Easily answered my friends! The main reason is their products are usually a lot more expensive than the correspondant products I normally use, and secondly because of my skin's sensitivity and attitude to break out just because, I'm always very weary of trying new skin care products....especially in a period like now where I've been unemployed for ages and aren't exactly swimming in cash.
Last week I had an appointment which was postponed when I was already there, which gave me about an hour to kill and because I hadn't brought a book with me to go sit in a cafe with a nice cup of something, I decided to just walk around the nearby shopping center. And with it being 10am it was practically deserted, always a plus for someone like me that hates small crowded places.
I decided to wonder in to Boots, not the one I usually go to, and to my surprise, despite being half the size of my usual one, they had a lot more skin care and make up brands!
I wondered around and found a pretty big Soap & Glory section. My "you have to save every penny" gear kicked in straight away....however I was able to try something small and cheap: a 50ml tiny pot of their body butter, for only 3 euros: BARGAIN!
I put it to the extreme test: application after a shower during which I shaved my legs. ANY body milk will burn to death after I've shaved so for that reason I have for months and months now stuck to my Palmers butter.
I have to say though that this little S&G mate didn't burn AT ALL! The fragrance in it didn't cause any eye watering during application nor after. The butter is so fluid it almost feels like a body milk minus the alcohol. It dried very quickly leaving skin soft and nice smelling the whole day.
The next day however skin definitely needed more hydrating, which doesn't happen with Palmers.
Maybe I should try the S&G one for dry skin....hmmmm?

What's your verdict guys? Ever tried this or the one for dry skin?


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