Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FrontCover new collection !

One of my fave make-up brands have launched their new summer collection!!!
This includes the following:

Rainbow Eyes Reborn, as the name suggests, is a palette that had A LOT of success but because FrontCover only used to bring out collections at Christmas time, people then wouldn't be able to find their palettes after the january sale were over. I personally think it's FANTASTIC they've brought out this whole new collection!
I definitely have my eyes on this!

The one that REALLY caught my attention though is the following one:

I mean.....look at all those blue's!!!! And you know me, I am a sucker for blue's!! The green's, cream's and brown look AMAZING as well!!!
Looking forward to getting my paws on it when I have a bit more liquidity available...
The collection is available in selected Boots stores, but you can now buy it WORLDWIDE on here .
Their website is .
Ciao for now my little elves

*Edit - since the post went online it has been featured on Frontcover's facebook page which you can find here




  1. aaawm you changed the pretty layout? :(

  2. I am fiddling with it, it's not definite yet. I wanna find a layout that is as easy for everyone to ready as pretty.