Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WOW BROWN DIY luxury creme tan, light/medium

If you are familiar with my blog and myself you will already be aware of Wow Brown (you can go back to see my reviews on the spray tan here ). If you aren't familiar with the brand I shall give you a quick brand background.
It's an Irish brand funded by two amazing ladies who decided to develop a sunless tanning range of products suitable for the pale complexion. And boy have they done it!

This is the product I will be reviewing
DIY luxury creme tan, light/medium, RRP  €21.95

I am honestly not the kind of beauty junkie that discards a product if it doesn't look pristine, so the very simple white and hot pink bottle and packaging don't phase me at all.
Let me start with the application: because on my colour-less skin ANY self tan mistake will show very clearly, I use a mitt. I also enrol the help of my other half for the hard to reach bits and for those areas my eyes won't allow me to see, even in a mirror. The biggest plus of this product for me is the colour guide, it's a big help for my bad eye sight as it allows me to very clearly see where I have applied it already.
I have to be honest and say that when it comes out of the bottle and as you glide it onto your skin, it's a very scary shade of brown and also could end up looking a little streaky in places. But fret not as that is not the colour you'll end up with. It's super easy to apply and does give you the time to really rub it in and correct possible mistakes.
I apply this on my face as well, although I can never get a perfect uniform colour because I can't be too precise with the mitt; I use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to make it more even.
As the tan develops you will get a slight whiff of burnt digestive, but it's very bearable, especially if you leave it over night.
When you shower in the morning or after the 8 hours of colour developing, all the excess and streaks will just wash away completely, leaving you with a lovely natural glowing tan.
The brand claims the tan will stay on for 3 to 10 days, I guess they pretty much cover themselves with that. On my fairly dry body if I moisturise daily, the colour will look nice for 3 or 4 days, after which it starts to fade away quite evenly, again providing you keep your skin moisturised.
€21.95 might seem  a little pricey for just a bottle but I assure you get a lot of full body uses out of it.
I am definitely going to purchase another bottle when I eventually finish this one.

And here is the final results:
after one application

after another application a couple of days later

For more information, to buy this or other products and for everything you need to know, you can check their website on Wowbrown.com
Let me know if you've tried it too and what you think of it.


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