Sunday, July 1, 2012

POTD KIKO foiled brights

During my recent visit back home I was a very good girl and only came back with 2 new beauty products. I really like KIKO, they push for bright colours, innovation and high end quality, with low end prices. Whenever I go home I try to visit 1 of the 2 shops about half an hour from my home town.

This time I took advantage of the €2.50 nail polish sale they were having in the shop (now also available online for a few selected European countries and the UK, just visit ). I picked up n. 330 Lilac and n. 358 Peach (although it's more of a bright orange in my opinion).
I always used to have a love/hate relationship with their nail polishes but at last they changed their formula and the brush and now they are an absolute dream to apply! You can easily get away with just one coat, the brush is flat and REALLY precise and it dries REALLY quickly - and I do mean dry, dry, not stay tacky for hours afterwards.

I then proceded to use a multi colour shimmering foil over the nails. I wanted to go for a subtle shimmer, not my usual love for glitter. it worked perfectly fine, however I had major troubles trying to capture the different colours of the foil, and believe me I tried EVERY possible light!
So here's a photo

And my only option to show you all the pretty shimmer properly, was to take a short video

I am UTTERLY in love with these 2 colours! Although next time I will try the foil on a darker polish, maybe it'll show better.
Ya like?


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