Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birthday makeover at Inglot

Last Wednesdays was my Birthday and seeing as I haven't exactly had a great last few months, I decided to treat myself with a little make up fest.
I went for Inglot as I'm forever drooling over the photos of their makeovers, celebrity looks and themed weeks.
The lovely Kayleigh at their counter in the Jervis Shopping Centre looked after me and this is what we came up with. I apologise in advance for the horrible lighting but it was an horrendously dark and wet day with barely any actual light.

Here is a list of the products she used, I asked her to write everything down and she was so nice to do it.
foundation n. LW 100
concealer n. 64 (used very sparingly)
translucent powder n. 12
highlighter n. 83
blush, a mix of n. 31, 34 and 46
eye shadows n. 327, 329, 355, 393
brow powder n. 560
lip pencil n. 63
lip duo n. 18
black gel liner
individual lashes
The makeover was €25 and you can actually use that to redeem products the MUA has used or others.
I bought the lip duo she picked for me, plus another one and of course a couple of nail polishes.
The lip duos are a nifty little product! A super creamy and hydrating lipstick and a lip gloss in a nifty, little, handy cube.

Here are my purchases
n. 722, the PERFECT summer Sun yellow and n.  805 seductively red

 I will very likely be back soon for that brow powder or maybe a lighter shade for more easy daily wear.
I have to say it was kind of comforting to see the result as it's not overly different to what I achieve when I can take my time to do my make up.

These are my first Inglot polishes and I have quite high expectations for them.

For more info you can check out if you're in Ireland or to find your nearest counter or order on-line.
What do you guys think of my little make over? Have you tried their polishes yet?
Drop me a comment and let me know.

A few days in advance I had also purchased this dress from 
 but the weather has been so cold since that I haven't been able to wear it yet.  I want to take the chance of this mention to thank the people at iClothing for being so supportive of me and my little blog, also  when I was back in Italy going through surgery. Furthermore they took it upon themselves to send me a goody bag to cheer me up a bit and what was inside actually showed the care they take of their customers and the great work they do with social media and bloggers. And guys, if you're ever short of a stylist or model, you knoww where I'm at.


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