Sunday, February 24, 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Paints in Ridley Road - review

When I saw the press release and photos of these sent to bloggers pre-sale, my eyes immediately screamed at me "get the mint!". Yellow isn't too flattering with my skin tone, I don't do pinks and the light blue was too obvious a choice for my blue obsession.
The other day I was in Boots buying some essentials when a force just pulled me to the Barry M display. Y'see I couldn't remember the actual sale date; I only recalled it was going to be available on their web site and in Superdrug on a certain date, and a few days later in Boots. (Dear brands that really is a little silly, different dates for different countries and different stores etc etc. It just creates confusion and frustration).
So when I didn't see these darlings on show I asked one of the ladies if she knew when I'd be able to buy them.
She answered: "I am not too sure, I know we have some new stuff going up tonight so you might be able to get them tomorrow". Slightly saddened I carried on with my hunt for the new "Gene squeezed into a smaller bottle" Vaseline deodorant -yes, it's hard to believe but I too sweat-, when the cosmetics lady came looking for me. Aaawww. "I just asked one of the ladies and she said we have them already in the drawer if you wanna look at them".
I thought: "oh, just lookie? no buy?", but when I asked if I could buy one right then she said "yeah, sure, of course!". Happy Lil skipped off to the till. Yes, I did physically skip, so what?!  I felt all cool "and stuff" buying something the day before it went on actual sale.
'Tis the small things in life y'know.

Fast forward to application time.....I was slightly puzzled when it laid as a normal texture free polish. I had a little trouble painting it on as it's really runny and not easily controllable with the brush. I tried a first coat and decided it wasn't opaque enough so I went for a second one which did the job. I had to wait a good 5 minutes until it dried and actually turned grainy. It was like magic!
It dried really matte which I like. My one little issue with it is that because of its textured nature it's prone to picking up dirt and particles of stuff flying around, even attempting to keep them spotless, after a couple of days I couldn't wipe them clean anymore. Maybe using a matte top coat might keep them cleaner?
As far as removing it I would say it kind of places in between regular polish and glitter: not exactly effortless but it won't drive you bananas either.
Having said that, I am absolutely MAD for the colour! It's SO gorgeous and it made my pale hands actually look tanned?! The power of optical illusion!
These 4 little wonders are available in Boots and Superdrug in Ireland and The UK and here on their website with delivery all over the globe.
Here's a few photos:
Barry M Textured Nail Paints Ridley Road

Barry M Textured Nail Paints Ridley Road

Barry M Textured Nail Paints Ridley Road

So, did I tickle your curiosity? Are you picking any of these 4 up any time soon? Let me know in a comment below :-)

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