Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brand focus: Cocoa Brown

This won't be the first time I mention this brand, here you can read the review I wrote last year about their first ever product.

I have decided to share my appreciation of this brand with you because it deserves all the explosive success it is getting.
Its founder Marissa Carter has always believed in us bloggers and our "power" and in my humble opinion I do believe we helped greatly to get the brand off the ground. Herself and her PR team have always had a very warm and personable, yet professional relationship with the media and especially  bloggers.
Some people may not find it efficient but if you're bronzing up Hollywood stars for the Academy Awards ceremony coming from little old Ireland, it must mean you are doing something right.

I have also picked to cover Cocoa Brown because over the course of the last 18 months or so I have had quite a few people with albinism, very sensitive skin or rocking the uber pale look from all over the globe, asking for recommendations for products, and time and time again I have found myself advocating their products.
Christmas parties season is now in full swing and we  all wanna look extra perfect, don't we?! Well here are a couple of products that will help you do exactly that!

Today I will feature their body scrub and gradual self tanner.

Gentle Bronze, RRP €5.99

Gentle Bronze is the brand's gradual tanner that allows you complete control on the desired depth of your tan.
Marketed as a moisturiser with a subtle hint of tanner, it leaves your skin hydrated while  giving you a subtle hint of colour. Because it has a smaller quantity of DHA (the tan developing agent) it doesn't smell anywhere near as bad as your average fake tan does which allows you to walk out without necessarily having to shower first.
I also call this "the tan for the blind and fake tan challenged", as you can slap it on like you would your normal body lotion without worrying about streaks, ensuring you spread it properly on previously exfoliated and regularly moisturised skin.
If you are doing a full body application I would suggest you wash your applying hand whenever you move to a new area (legs to arms for example) or your skin will be slightly tinted for a few days. Also always ensure your body is dry before getting dressed.
If you have been reading my blog or if you know me, you will know I am not a huge fan of fake tan for a variety of reasons, however this past summer I developed a mild "addiction"to Gentle Bronze and here are a few photos...

As you can see I also apply it to my face although for that and any other fake tan of any kind, a patch test is always advisable.

And because prepping is the base of all successful self tan applications, this is a nifty secret weapon:
Tough Stuff, RRP € 5.99

Tough Stuff is the brand's multi award winning body scrub.  Personally I generally tend to stay away from body scrubs as their granules tend to really irritate my skin, however this  didn't. It can be used both on dry or wet skin and I'm amazed by the fact my skin wasn't angry at all after application with scrubbing gloves. And I was even more surprised to see how gentle it was considering one of the ingredients is walnut shell powder.
However this is the most perfect tool to remove old fake tan before applying a new layer as well.
When I use this in the shower twice weekly I close my eyes and the fresh Gardinia smell brings me to a walk in a lush, beautiful garden full of flowers all around me.
Also for all the super girlie ladies out there that love pink (not me) you will be happy to know that the product is also pink, to match the brand signature packaging colour.

You can find a complete list of stockists in Ireland and the UK HERE . For anyone outside these countries, FeelUnique and Cloud 10 Beauty ship Cocoa Brown products worldwide.

I would like to take this chance to thank the PR team for helping with my "beauty advisor" slot at the recent Uk and Ireland Albinism Fellowship conference here in Dublin.

Have a lovely day everyone and thanks for reading,

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