Saturday, July 10, 2010

basic make up for very fair skin

PRODUCTS I MENTIONED (and I wear with no self tan on)

unfortunately the web site is in Italian only.
Just any fair compact powder will do!

Select SPF 15, in the colour NW15.
I mainly use this in winter

MAC Select Moisturecover also in NW15
Collection 2000, Lasting Perfection in the colour 1 Fair(I didn't mention it because it was out of reach, but I'm absolutely in love with this! even more than the MAC one)

17 Waterproof mascara in brown black
L'Oreal voluminous Waterproof in black


what the MAC foundation + concelear look in photos:


WITH flash: not so good...


  1. Hi
    I love your makeup it is very natural and looks great! I have been trying to find a good concealer for a while so thank you for the tip.
    I just have a question about coloring my hair, I want to have it just a very light blonde and I really like your colour and was wondering what brand you use??

  2. if you do go for one of the 2 concealers, let me know how you get on!
    I'm assuming you are referring to the blonde colour, not the brown.
    I absolutely LOVE it! It's very faded and grown out right now because I last did it in late march, but you can still see it's a bit more golden than our natural colour...or...non colour?!
    Anyway...the blonde I've got so far I got done at my hairdresser, and I would go for a touch up every 3 months or so, so very low maintanance. The colour it's from the L'Oreal range Luocolor. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact number but I do remember it's in the 9.something range.
    I would sometimes just get my crown coloured, or sometimes do lowlights all over where I don't have the brown.
    You don't have to necesarily use that range, but I DO strongly recommend to test it first on a bit of hair for example close to your neck, so if it doesn't turn out right, it's not very noticeable. The reason is because your skin may not like the dy, or the colour may just not stick to your hair. Every person has different hair.
    Also weither you go to a salon or do a DIY job, make sure there is no peroxide in it, that's what strips the hair of its colour, to then be dyed, and because our hair has no colour, there's no reason to damage it.
    Also make sure to use a shade slightly darker than what you want, simply because after a couple of washes on our hair it fades out a bit, but don't worry, then it looks GREAT!!!

    I will soon do a blog with photos of all the colours I've had in my hair...and there have been MANY!

    Thank you for your comment, keep reading, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!