Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too much info?

I am always up for supporting newcoming little brands, especially if they're local.
So I was recently intrigued by a new product I spotted in a few Irish beauty features so I thought to give it a go.
Magazines all directed to the brand's website for info and stockists. Only to find for stockists you had to either e-mail or phone.
The product is available to buy on their website... on which you can ONLY pay through Paypal(which I found slightly amateurish, but anyway...). I tried to buy it, but my card was rejected...nice!
Fair enough, I did e-mail them then.
My email, polite as ever requested a simple list of salons/stockists where to find the product, signed "Laura from Dublin". One would think that was enough detail, right? No.
Three days later(again, very unprofessional) they emailed back saying they needed to know what area I lived in("Laura from Dublin" wasn't probably clue enough for them), to which I replied Dublin City Centre.
Well guess was still not enough precise for them, another three days later they answered asking which area exactly(for those of you who are not familiar with Dublin, the city is divided in numbered districts for easier area identification in numbers from 1 to 20-something I believe). At this point I was quite annoied.
Isn't city centre enough info? I're a really new brand, I find it hard to believe you supply so many chemists thit's not like NYC or London, plus whatd'ya know, I could live in one area, work in another, shop in another still or simply be prepaired to travel to the ther side of the city to try your product. I might have, but definitely not after those e-mails.
So after replying giving them a choice of 3 districts(just for the craic, to see what they'll say) I took to the Internet and after a lot of digging I managed to find a salon supplies website selling the product at €7 less than the brand's website(VAT and postage included). And guess what, my card wasn't rejected!
I placed my order on monday, I got it today.....and three days later I'm still waiting for a stockists list for those 3 areas.



  1. that's really fishy of them to do...

    followed your blog..

  2. well, guess what....I am STILL waiting for them to get back to me.
    Worst customer care ever...