Friday, October 8, 2010

First Light Cosmetics review

I have to be honest people... this post was ready to go on-line about 2 and a half weeks ago.
For those who were wondering where I've been, I went home to Italy for a couple of weeks. I did have a few posts typed up and ready to be posted(this review included) so you guys would have something to read whilst I was gone, but that evening Blogger decided to throw a massive strop and when I went to publish them....they all "magically" disappeared! I was leaving the morning after so I didn't have the time to re-write them all again.

Before I start with the review I must admit this is a sponsored post(which I am uber excited about!!!). You guys know how uber sensitive my skin is so I was really glad to be given the chance to test some of their products fr free.
First Light Cosmetics are a mineral make up brand completely free of chemicals and preservatives (my skin says thank you!) with a wide range of choice of colours.
I found this really interesting: "Test the products at home and save time and money. We offer free postage on sample sized products then deduct the price of up to 2 samples against the purchase of a full size jar. Write to us at once you have bought the full size product and we will refund the cost of the samples."

As you can see the products come in a cute little pouch which the web site states is "produced by the Mabinti Center in Tanzania. For more information on the Mabinti Center please click here. "
I got to try the foundation and 2 eye shadows.

I picked the lightest shade of foundation: "First Frost: A light, pale shade for delicate porcelain skin tones".
As usual with foundations I was a bit skeptic colour wise, but the shade absolutely delivered!
I did try this both dry and wet.
Dry it's very very light, buildable coverage and you don't feel caky at all. I usually prefer mineral foundations in the wet application but for some reason, with this one I prefer it dry.
When applied wet, just one layer gives you a medium coverage.
Goes without saying a perfectly hydrated skin is of utter importance with mineral foundations, or you'll end up looking horribly ashy and patchy.
A jar of 10g is £12.99 and a little 2g is £1.50

Here are the 2 eye shadows.
I did try to swatch them but I found that Cobalt Sea is such an amazing colour that it keeps changing depending on the lighting. It's VERY shimmery, I would say almost glittery, but despite that it has close to no fall out at all when applied dry. When applied wet it has a little bit of fall out but no big deal, and it's super super intense!
Sunkissed disappointed me a bit, it looks a lot darker on the website, hence why I picked it, but as you can see it's a very light reddish brown which I think really doesn't go with my skin nor eye colour. I didn't notice much of a difference in colour intensity when applied wet or dry.
They both are £5.99

You will be able to see the products in future FOTD's. If anyone is interested I can do a video review.
Ciao for now,

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