Monday, July 25, 2011

Bloggy lovey

This is my little blogging loving award thingy bob post.

Firstly a big big Thank You to the lovely Shanna from Behind Green Eyes, Lisa Jane from The Brunette Diaries and Stina from Chic Beauty Blog; it means the world to me to be recognised by other bloggers I luuuurrrve.

So here are mine, in alphabetical order...

Ash-Lilly's Lacquer Lust
This blog is just pure nail art porn!!!!! I get loads of ideas from her and I love to drool over photos of nail art I could never do myself. If you like your nail polishes, this is your one stop blog.

Behind Green Eyes

I love Shanna, she's crackers and she gets my dirty humour without judging me. I love reading her blog because I love the way she writes, her way of writing is everything mine isn't. She has a variety of posts and I absolutely LOVE her sarcasm. For a more varied reading, she's your girl!

Big Fashionista

Kellie is a proper top blogger and a proper top woman. Her posts always bring up interesting topics and discussions and her writing style is superb. She was the first big blogger not to look down on me and even host me on her blog. (You can read my guest post here )

Chic Beauty Blog

I have to be honest, I read/follow the stunning Stina and her blog mainly because I LOVE to look at photos of her and her style. She is physically what I would KILL to be and she embodies the "I moved abroad for x reason and I'm gonna make it, no matter what!" situation I aspire to. I LOVE her FOTDs, OOTDs and NOTDs. Check her out, for pure perfection.

Le petit jardin de Liloo
I LOVE Liloo from the most inner bottom of my heart! She is just the most adorable person ever, she gave me a lot of advice blogging and beauty wise and she'll never look down on you. Her NOTDs are just impeccable and her eye looks are just super colourful, cheerful and flawless.

Setanta Art
This is simply an outlet for my very good and seriously talented friend Mike. Posts show some of the variety of his amazeballsness (yes, I did just use that word!). I personally think his talent is wasted on his hideous job! He will also do drawings by request if you send him photos. (plug plug, Mike you owe me a drink!).

The Brunette Diaries
Gorgeous blog, gorgeous owner, gorgeous outfits, gorgeous EVERYTHING!!!! (uber jealous of her legs!!!)


  1. Awwww thanks darling x x x

    I love your blog and your post on my blog was amazing x x x

  2. Aw thanks for the sweet comments Lil, much love xxxxx

  3. pleasure is aaaalllll mine girls!