Tuesday, July 19, 2011

L'Oréal Elvive Colour Protect vs Tresemme Colour Revitalise conditioner

... Some mouthful that title, I tell ya !!


I have been colouring my hair of (almost) all different colours in the rainbow since I was 17. And although I have been settling with different shades of blonds lately, and put the purples and oranges aside, I still require protecting the dreaded fade effect.
More so because colour has no natural pigment to hang on to and will tend to fade a lot faster than on normal hair, never mind if I use very subtle golden blonds.
For the most part of 10 years my choice has been L'Oréal Elvive Colour Protect, the beloved red bottle! I have to be honest and admit that I might very possibly be emotionally attached to this product. Please don't judge me!
I have had some majorly amazing sets of colours on my head in the past and the red bottle has always helped keeping them all alive(I might actually do a post with a little gallery of some of my past colours).

However since moving to Ireland I have grown a lover of a few products from TRESemmé, including their extra hold hair spray(the fuchsia can) that withstands Irish string winds.
So a couple of months ago I took advantage of a promotion in Boots and picked up their colour protect conditioner, I thought that maybe sometimes it's good to try new things, right?

So here's my comparison of the 2.

I REALLY like them both, but T has a slight advantage and it lingers on my hair even 2 days after washing it which is a bonus.

Both very good to apply and work with. However T is an absolute nightmare to rinse off!!! takes me ages to completely wash off. L also gets rid of knots a lot better, combing my hair through after towel drying is a lot smoother with L.

As far as colour protecting properties they honestly both seem to do the same thing. However T leaves my hair slightly softer than L, although hair is not as smooth to blow dry.

So in my experience Elvive is generally better, where as Tresemme is slightly better on some points.
My verdict? I will generally stick to L'Oreal but won't mind a bit of Tresemme with a good offer or deal.


  1. I have used Elvive and quite like it but never tried Tresemme!

    I have left an award on my blog for you xx

  2. I wouldn't judge you at all. I love Elvive colour protect shampoo. I too am a blonde and have used it for years! However, recently I've become hooked on Kerastase (the Ciment Thermique range in the green bottle). At first I was totally put off by the price (it's like £16 a bottle!) but a friend bought me some as a present and it lasted me AGES. Much much longer than other shampoos. In fact a bottle can last me up to 6 months.

    It makes your hair feel really conditioned and I noticed I had much less breakage with it too.

    Love your blog! x