Sunday, February 26, 2012

a little haul

This was a €14 TK Maxx bargain I just couldn't resist! The actual colour is a slight colder hue than what it looks like on the photo.
On closer inspection I was even more satisfied with how inexpensive it was because of the pannelling and structure .
I think this will easily be an all year round item, dressed up or down according to the weather and occasion.

I couldn't resist these pj's from Penneys/Primark either!
These are a size 12/14 and were €12. I will never understand their sizes as long as I live, the trousers are a little too large around the waist/hips, and the t-shirt is a little too tight.
Dear Primark: how about you start making clothes in a 10/12 too? ...Just a suggestion...

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