Thursday, February 16, 2012

Claire's nail wraps review

Because my eyes don't allow me working on/drawing very small details like nail art making would be, for the past few weeks I have been scanning shops of all sorts for nail wraps.
I have to be honest, 90% looked SUPER tacky and definitely not what I'd like to see my nails wear.
Note to the companies that design and commercialise these wraps: not every woman or girl is into pink and/or tacky.
In the end these Claire's butterflies covered silver wraps were the only ones I fancied and I thought at €7.95 they would be REALLY good...... Man was I wrong!!!!!

If I was not impressed with the Essence ones I tried a while back (check the review here ) I have to be honest and say these disappointed me beyond any low expectation!
To start with they're a NIGHTMARE to peel off, the edge you use to pick them off is inevitably going to get damaged. Secondly, no matter how much you try, you can NEVER get them completely ironed out, you'll always get some creases or air pockets somewhere.
Then it comes to filing off the excess: instructions suggest a couple of wanna multiple that by 50. They're really "stretchy" and thick you end up having to rip off the excess.
They might have looked appealing in the packaging but once on they really do look super cheap.
I don't have any photos to show you because after I tried them on my pinkies I decided I disliked them so much I didn't even attempt to complete one hand.

8 euros I'll never get back. Stay well away if you don't like tacky nails.

Has anyone else tried them or the glittery ones? Just interested if it was just me that was utterly disappointed. Let me know!


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