Thursday, May 12, 2011

Essence nail fashion stickers

While at home I hit a shop that I know has the big Essence display, not the half one that are around Dublin, because I had seen these babies and was curious to try them.
This was the only design that grabbed me to be honest, the others are a bit too tacky.
They're VERY easy to apply, just like stickers!
However if you don't have perfectly flat nails, they will not stick to your tips and remain raised, no matter how hard you try to flatten them. That obviusly leads to the stickers being extremely prone to chipping. These photos were taken less than 24 hours after the application, some of them had completely peeled off as well.
Maybe it was my mistake not applying a top coat(I didn't have one with me), but I think it was a pretty bad result for just after 24 hours. Having said that, after that there was no more chipping and lasted until I peeled them off.
Maybe next time I will try with a top coat....

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