Thursday, May 12, 2011

POTD: sparkly sorbet

(without flash, outdoors)

For a while now I had been looking around for a gorgeous lemony (inexpensive) nail polish but the only one that fit the bill was Models Own Yellow Meringue which at around €8 is not in my budget range.
And then before I left for Italy I found this little beauty: 17 cosmetics polish in Sherbert Lemon and at about €3 I couldn't not pick it!
I have to be honest, the polish application was a bit of a nightmare. This was after 2 or 3 coats(depending on the finger), the brush is pretty bad with very little control and a mind of its own. It took me llonger than usual to apply it. However! I like the colour SO much that I actually don't care?!
I was sceptic about trying such a fair colour against my skin, but it turned out super beautiful and it actually somehow made my hands look tanned?! Man, I LOVE optical illusions !!!

The above photo was taken the day after the application and I have to say I spent a long time the evening before admiring the colour(so sue me!).
The night before I left though I thought I'd jazz it up with something and this is the result:
I used China Glaze Blue Hawaiian for the tips. This photo was actually 2 days after I left, the bit of tip wear is not due to the tellow polish but the fact I'd done loads of manual work that day at my friends' who hosted us in their country house for 2 days of BBQ's, wine and lots of people around.
I liked this look but I kinda felt like the colour and sparkles took away from the gorgeous yellow.

Do you lot like it?

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