Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cannes, Can, Can't

A little gallery of what I think so far of some of the outfits...

Angelina Jolie
I'm not usually a massive fan of her style but I have to be honest and admit she got this photo call absolutely right! Perfect colour choice, simple and elegant design with a little belt. I usually don't like her make up much, but this toned down version makes her look a lot younger. Why don't you do this more often Ange?

Rachel McAdams #1
A Marchesa is a Marchesa, but I'm not sure the design of the dress did Rachel much justice. I'm all for red on fair skin tones, VERY dramatic, but I don't think the balance between design and see through was right. Can't fault hair and make up though, a classy look that's always en vogue.

Uma Thurman in Versace
A vision in crispy fringy white. Adore the pops of aqua marine, perfect hair and make up .

Salma Hayek #1
Absolutely PERFECT!!

Karolina Kurkova
Absolutely GORGEOUS dress, amazing colour, great detailing and love the little "different" shoulder look. Not to impressed with the hair do, it ages her a little too much. comment....

Rachel McAdams /2
Only 2 details I'm not completely sure about: the colour of the shoes and the detail on the hips. Everything else is impeccable, hair and make up included, very day time appropriate.

Salma Hayek #2 in Gucci
I have to be honest I absolutely ADORE her as an actress and as a woman. However I'm not entirely sold by this Gucci number. Fair enough it was a day event but...leather? Really?! I don't like the skirt stifness, especially the way the hem looks, mind you I do like the bodice part of it, the way it's cut and the way it hugs are gorgeous curves. I also like the little pop of colour around the waist. The shoes are the wrong shade of orange(or was it meant to be red?!). And don't get me started on that thing on her shoulders, it's very "Edward scissor hands" gone wrong....
Absolutely LOVE the hair and make up though!! Gorgeous and classy as ever.

What's your verdict?

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