Thursday, May 12, 2011

Honey, I'm back!

Hello lovelies,
how are you all? I hope you're doing fine and keeping the fabness up :-)

I got back from Italy on Sunday afternoon, but then I've been busy with a little job and the season wardrobe swap. Y'see my room is so small with so little furniture that I can't always keep all my clothes out at the same time, so now winter apparel is stored in a suitcase. Hence why I haven't been able to blog yet.

First of, the main reason why I flew over was my yearly hospital tests to check my cancer hasn't got back or others have decided to join the party. Let me reassure you that they all turned out perfect, so perfect in fact that doctors said my body is "stuck" in my teen age. The dermatologist has complimented me on the great care I take of my skin, especially protecting in from the Sun(well... Dear Doctor, I kind of don't fancy another chunk of my body surgically removed, thank you very much).
Unfortunately, but not to my surprise, there was something wrong. "Apparently" I'm REALLY stressed: my stress hormone levels are through the roof and consequently my liver is slightly swollen. Well you would be worried/stressed too had you been unemploied for over a year and relied solely on savings to survive, not knowing when it's going to end, wouldn't ya?!
Big bugger there.....

It wasn't an actual holiday what with my mother constantly bugging me and discussing my and Ireland's current economic situation with family friends pretty much on a daily basis.

I spoiled myself a little while I was away, I plan to do a video showing you the things I got, as usual it'll end up here as well. You will also see a couple of reviews from it as well.
If anyone is interested in seeing some photos I will provide you with a link to the album on Facebook.

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