Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tag: 8 things

I saw this on The Brunette Diaries

All of these are in no particular order.

8 TV shows I watch...

1: The Big Bang Theory
2. Glee
3. House
4. Discovery's Monsters inside me
5. The Mythbusters
6. The republic of telly
7. Extreme engineering
8. those shows about moving/finding/renovating/refurbĂ­ng houses

8 Favourite places to eat... (I don't really eat out that often here in Dublin, too expensive)

1. Boca Barranca: pizzeria on the beach back home in Italy
2. La madia(amazing restaurant back home)
3. The Church
4. The Porterhouse, the one in Temple Bar
5. Ristorante "Al Parco", back home
6. The Osborne Brasserie (at the Portmarnock Hotel & Golf links. Been once but REALLY liked itt)
7. O'Shea's (good value for money although lately their quality has slipped big time)
8. my own kitchen :-p

8 Things I look forward to...

1: The Script gig at The Aviva in early July
2: this fashion show I'm modelling for in Florence in 10 days(although I'm REALLY really nervous)
3: Getting a new job
4. being happy
5. ...that is all

8 Things on my wish list

1: average vision (is it not called the WISH list? doesn't say anything about "the impossible"list...)
2: a job
3: happiness
4: a new place to stay
5: a garden
6: different skin
7: dental surgery
8: more self confidence

8 Things I'm passionate about...

1: people
2: technology
3: science
4: fashion
5: reading
6: beauty
7: thee outdoors
8: food

8 Words or phrases I use a lot...
...I really couldn't do this one, couldn't think of anything?!

8 Things I've learnt from the past

1: Don't trust too many people
2: always use sun cream
3: no matter how hard I try, I will never reach my goals
4: most people are only out for themselves
5: when in Ireland, always carry an umbrella
6: when in Italy, always carry sunglasses
7: your family doesn't love/support you no matter what
8: never ask for prices in Brown Thomas, unless you wanna be treated nicely

8 Places I would love to visit...

1: Canada
2: Sweden
3: Finland
4: Norway
5: San Francisco
6: Niagara falls
7: Anfield
8: I've visited anywhere else I've ever wanted to see

8 Things I want or need...

1: a job
2: a different set of eyes
3: not having to worry about my health
4: my own house
5: a different family
6: a millionaire boyfriend
7: a haircut(triple ends are not good)
8: a proper holiday

8 Things I love about winter...

1: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2: the bitterly cold weather
3: snuggly clothes
4: Christmas decorations
5: the fact I don't feel like I SHOULD be perma-tanned
6: Christmas Markets
7: Christmassy food
8: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Bloggers I'm tagging...
1. Le Petit Jardin de Liloo
2. Chic Beauty Blog
3. Sarah's Vanity
4. Big Fashionista
5. Loulouheartsmakeup
6. Ash Lilly's Lacquer Lust
7. Cinnamonalicious
8. Behind green eyes

I welcome everyone to do it, please leave a comment below with the link.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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