Sunday, May 15, 2011

the week in brief

- back from a hell-ish week at home
- more job "rejections". I find it SO annoying seeing companies trying to find pathetic excuses to turn me down, just because they legally can't say "sorry, we don't like to employ half blind people". Frustrating beyond belief
- loads of running/exercising, don't really have much to do, so... Absolutely loving the shape I'm in at the moment. Although my thighs are giving me a REALLY hard time trying to shift...gggrrr
- I've been indulging more than usual in my cereal & nut love, be it picking at the breakfast box as a snack, bars, cereal, love love love! And so much more healthy than choccy!
- pretty much half of north Dublin buses routes have been diverted to my street, at all hours of the day and night, for the up-coming Queen and Obama visits. Today, Sunday, they woke me up at 7. NOT happy. I don't even care about the Queen!!! Not to mention the choppers flying over our heads every so often. Meh
- Friday I went along to a charity pub quiz, I'd never been to a pub quiz before! I only knew the guy that organised it, but I got along with everyone and had such a laugh! I also managed to get on the DART on my own, result!
- Eurovision fun and winning a few bob for betting on the winning song, I know a tune when I hear one. And amazingly, after being out of the competition for ages, Italy came back and did SO well! Love the song!

.....sorry Ireland, but Europe just don't get Jedward...


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