Thursday, May 12, 2011

my going away beauty bag

The whole flying back and forth to Ireland for about 2 years has taught me to pack light and the essentials.
This was my beauty bag for the 10 days I was away and it's usually not very different to this.

The body shop seaweed mattifying face lotion with SPF 15: my current face cream for the summer. I like it A LOT because it's light and non-greasy, what I need for the warmer months. I also like the smell a lot, when I apply it I close my eyes and the fragrance takes me to a nice exotic beach, the seaweed smell is quite strong.
TRESemme extra hold hairspray: I only use it for my bangs which lately have become very rebel and need extra help to stay in place. Plus I was staying at the beach cabin with almost constant sea breeze, so...
VO5 heat defence taming spray: back home is VERY humid so I need this before straightening my hair, plus it makes it very soft and smell very nice
random alcohol free deodorant(we all use/need it...).
Lacura eye cream for all skin types: current (and future) super cheap(€2) but super amazing eye cream.
Adidas fruity rhythm: love love love this perfume!!!!

The only things missing are my sun creams and after sun that were already at the cabin, I don't need them here in Ireland so I left them there(it saves room in the suitcase too!).
So here goes, essential and light.
What do you pack in your beauty bag when you go away?

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