Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nervous? Me? Gerrout!


Well...ok, I will admit that I'm absolutely BRICKING it!

I don't think I've explained this well to many people, just the few friends I've met face to face. And I have been getting a few questions on Twitter, so I thought I'd better explain it further and give a reason why there will be no blog posts from me for the next 10 days or so.

On friday evening I will be boarding a flight to Florence. But! I'm not going on holiday, I'm gonna do a job.
When I think about it, it actually sounds very jet set: "oohhh I'm flying to Florence for a job!"....
Basically I will be modelling for the first catwalk show if a young American designer.
I am absolutely bricking it! I know I will stand out because I'm not a pro, I'm not anorexic and I'm very short for models standards. And let's be honest, my walk is hardly cat walk worthy (at least I think...).
Plus this is going to be the designer's first collection and show, her future pretty much depends on it....and I might screw it all up, and then I wouldn't be able to live with myself...

The actual shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, are next tuesday but I have to go early because we have to do the fitting, rehearsals and everything.

I will be definitely taking A TON of photos to post on my Stalkbook personal account, and maybe post a few on here(providing Blogger will let me, unlike today)(. However I'm still debating whether to actually blog about the whole thing or not.

For sure it's going to be an interesting and different experience and will give me the chance to see a different side of one of my passions! ...(minus the over 25 degrees temperatures, eurgh!).

For my Irish readers, I hope you'll all enjoy your June bank holiday! Apparently it's going to be a scorching one!

Take care,

P.S.: unfortunately Blogger hasn't fixed the bug problem yet, wich is why my blog looks very sad and unpopular with no comments. HOPEFULLY they'll be able to fix it very soon.
Thank you to everyone who has tried in other ways to let me know what they think about the various posts. It's MUCH appreciated!