Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going away new outfit

Because next week will be very tense what with hospital and everything, I wanted to try and make the trip a bit more pleasant for myself. And because I'm going to the land of tanned people, I thought about putting a bit of fake tan on.
But then I remember that one of the tests involve a doctor checking and photographing every single mole/mark on my skin, and some of them would blend in with my skin with some tan from a bottle. Bah! *sulks*

Yesterday I won a few euros betting on the horses so today I went and spent them on a new (cheap in price) outfit for the trip.

hat: Penneys/Primark €4
top/dress: Forever 21 €13
shirt + belt: Penneys/Primark €13

With my natural skin tone I would never ever be able to pull a white shirt/blouse, but with a big pop of colour I think it's a really nice combination. The top is strapless and can also be used as a little sun dress if it gets REALLY hot and we go to the beach(with the power of +50 factor sun cream). Otherwise the top could be paired with leggings, shorts or jeans.
Here's in case it gets a little nippy and I have to close the shirt a bit

The hat is not the greatest of colours against my skin tone, however it can(and will) be jazzed up with a little ribbon or a cute pin.

What do you guys think?


  1. i LOVE the ENTIRE look and would buy it ALL if...you know...it wasn't five times my currency and halfway around the world XD

    looooooooooove it :D

  2. loving the outfit and want to say that I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping everything comes up as it should in the tests. ((((( hugs )))))