Friday, April 15, 2011

an update

This is a continuation/update of this post.

I did e-mail a few eye clinics in Dublin, 6 to be exact, seeking help pro-bono or for a very reduced fare. And only 2 got back to me.
One through a very useless phone call; the doctor told me that they wouldn't be able to perform "that" kind of surgery at their clinic. He then went on to tell me that if I got a referral to an ophtalmologist from a GP(that's €40 for a trip to the GP) I MIGHT be able to be put on the waiting list and because I'm a EU citizen it MAY not cost me. Which I REALLY doubt as virtually NOTHING in the health system is free anymore. Any other questions I had for him were met by a "I'm not sure". Right....thanks for calling, or NOT!

The second response I got was through e-mail.
He was very kind in the words he used. He told me that they wouldn't be able to perform the strabismus("unstraight" eyes) operation at their clinic and he personally would have doubts about it because, as I' d mentioned in my e-mail, the brain is already formed and the op MIGHT give me more vision problems. However he said that vision wise he's helped other people with my condition in the past and I should go to my GP and get a referral to an ophtalmologist that do deal with these conditions. Which I took as "we're too expensive for you".
Right, thanks anyway.

The other day the boyfriend and I hopped along to Vision Express on Henry St as we had booked a free eye test each with the possibility of me getting spanking brand new designer specs for €100. Well the other half test come out "irritated" me by it basically saying that he has above average exceptional 20/20 vision and may not need glasses for another 20 years at least, if ever at all. Bastard! Call me childish but it really did bother me.
As for my vision there's no news really, I'm still 1/20 (or 10/200 as you prefer it), and it isn't deteriorating, The only "good thing" about my vision is that it won't decrease other than for normal aging factors.
The lovely lady that did our tests, Tara was VERY helpful and totally understanding. For the first time in my life when having an eye test done, the person dealing with me knew all she had to know about my condition and didn't ask stupid/useless questions.
At the end of the appointment I took the chance to ask her about an ophtalmologist and all that.
She was very helpful and gave me the name of a GP in the south side linked to good eye doctors. She also went further in telling me that if I was to go public, the average waiting list in the city is now, wait for it.....EIGHTEEN MONTHS!!!!! 18?! A blooming year and a half?!?! Unfortunately she was NOT joking, and she too wasn't sure if I'd get it for free as a EU citizen.
So what if I wanted to go private? She said waiting time she wasn't sure but for an ophtalmologist consultation it would set ,e back a good €200.
I was not happy, I am not happy. Taking advantage of someone who's trying to just better their vision not get their boobs enlarged.

It is VERY frustrating, I am VERY frustrated...

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