Monday, April 25, 2011

one for the visually challenged

I get asked about this A LOT in messages on YouTube and Facebook, and also in real life: my "legendary" winged black liner.
I don't think it's featured a lot on the blog, mainly because I will pick it as an effective quick make up when I don't really have time or can't be bothered to put make-up on, therefore not a good FOTD photo opportunity.

What I use is
Maybelline line definer liquid liner

What I like about it is that it's super easy to use!!! You don't have to be super extra careful, like most liquid liners, that it'll pick up a lot of product and you don't have to be super attentive to use just the very tip or your line will be an inch thick.
Using this is as easy as writing with a pen so the whole liquid liner trickiness is out of the equation.
For someone with a visual impairment it's hard enough to line your eyes, especially when doing one eye using the weakest of the 2, never mind using a liquid liner and doing a cat eye.
What I will say, if you have sensitive eyes and/or particularly "sticky" lids, yo do need a shadow base for it to stick on, because it's not waterproof it WILL run if your eyes get teary and it WILL smudge during the day if you have no base.
As far as the cat eye technique itself, there are a million tutorials on YouTube and if you are visually impaired my advice is: take notes on the technique but adapt it to your own visual needs, try and try again, a cat/winged line does need practice. You may find what's a good angle to draw on one eye, may not be ideal to line the other eye.

I hope this was useful to you

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