Friday, April 15, 2011

Ooops I stick it again...

Soltan Moisturising Suncare Spray SPF30 75ml review

I recently found myself in need of some sun care lotion because the weather here is getting better and better, so for the summer and for when we go to my boyfriend's parents' in the countryside and spend a lot of time outside I need some protection. I'm still debating whether as always I should go back to Palmers butter with spf20 for the warmer months, or stick to normal moisturising and then sticking some sun block on.
In the mean time I decided to get me a little bottle of sun protection anyway, and let me tell's sending me straight back to the speed of light!
I've used Soltan products before and for the hot sticky summer days back home in Italy I swear by their aloe vera gel, especially if kept in fridge, which is why I went straight to their section in Boots. plus the travel size bottle appealed to me because it can easily stuck in the bag without weighting it down. And the plus of all pluses: it has a 5 star UVA rating which never hurts, especially with skin like mine.

Well I'm telling you guys this is a big fat FAIL! And I'm SO mad that I'm now stuck with this, at €6.something I can't just throw it out can I?! ....or maybe I will.

Thankfully last week I only had my neck/chest area and my forearms to protect or I REALLY would have risked getting slightly burned as I would have NOT put up with this on more areas.
First of all just because it's a spray it doesn't mean you don't have to spread it, if anything you possibly have to go back and forth more than a normal cream before it dries. In fact, it actually NEVER dries despite claims of being easily absorbed, I felt sticky even after 3 hours when I went to re-apply it. Thank God I wasn't on the beach and not covering myself in this or I DREAD to imagine the feeling.....
It claims to not clog pores which is easily achieved by the fact that it sits on top of skin and not in pores....
Good point: it's water resistant, but so resistant that it took me quite a bit good of scrubbing my hands with tons of hand detergent before I could get MOST of it off my fingers and palms.
It left an awful looking white cast, and if you can notice it on my skin, I dread to imagine what it would look like on anyone with pigmentation.
And don't get me started on the "moisturising" bit of the name: couldn't be any further from moisturising if it tried!

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