Friday, April 15, 2011

S&G Girligo does go...EVERYWHERE!

I had, had my eyes on this for a good few months but at almost €10 and it only being 250ml and a spray(therefore not taking long to finish) I was very reluctant to try it.
But last week during a day trip to Galway I found it amongst the Soap & Glory products at 1/3 off the price (I usually can't find any of the S&G stuff I wanna try here in Dublin when they have promotions on) so I thought it was time I finally gave in.

I REALLY wanted to love it as I think the concept is GENIUS, especially for people like me that cannot be bothered with moisturising every single day, twice a day and wait for the damn thing to dry.

The lotion itself has the S&G trademark lovely smell and I feel when you apply this you really don't need any perfume. Once spraied on you don't need to spread it much and it doesn't take very long to dry. Also I was surprised to feel the day after my skin was softer than when using their butter .
So all is super cool....apart from the stupid bottle: if only the tiniest of drops of product gets on it, then it's totally unholdable, unmanageable and slides everywhere! I think it's shape doesn't help much has it has no grip whatsoever.

I REALLY like it, I LOVE the concept, I love how quick it dries but the bottle is really a big downside...


  1. Hiya!
    Thanks for the blog post on our much loved Girligo! We totally understand your concern with the bottle - and it's something that we're working on, well, something that Tracy is working on...
    Keep on top of this and loads of other interesting Soap & Glory related things by checking out our official Facebook page! ( Of course, you’re welcome to pop by for a chat!
    x Kendall

  2. ooohhh *bows down* someone from S&G towers read this!

    I tell you what, if the bottle was "fixed" I would stock up on gallons of this!
    Or maybe I'll just try see if I can debottle it in a more manageable bottle :-)

  3. I love this, but frankly for the size it's bloody expensive and when I finish the bottle I got in the S&G tote before Christmas I won't be buying it again, as much as I like it. Too dear.

  4. I am probably one of the very few people who never tried soap and glory. i dont know why, the 50's vibe doesn't appeal to me. this looks good but i would need to see what it smells like x