Sunday, April 17, 2011


So....e are coming up to the first anniversary of my little blog.

...and I'm still stuck on 50 followers despite the efforts, don't know where I'm going wrong..but that's another matter

So I was thinking about completely redesigning the layout.
What do you guys think? Yes or no? What style should I go for?
Let me know your ideas and we'll see how they mix with mine....


  1. Personally I like to use because of the features but then I have had my blog for approaching nine years in a couple of months and only briefly used blogger so not sure if there are the same features on here, I know WordPress has more as well too.

    Loving your blog by the way, Its fab :)

    Helen x

  2. Hello sweetie :) when is the anniversary of your blog? this is exciting! I wish I could help you with the layout, but I am having a mini crisis too and I want to change my layout too xx

  3. Put your blog URL into every signature on every single site you use, do you use Google Analytics? Most of my blog traffic (when I actually put the effort in to do the bloody thing) was driven from other sites where I'd commented. I like your layout, I wouldn't change a thing - if you're changing it for other people then you're doing it for the wrong reason :)