Monday, August 20, 2012

ASOS nail polish mini haul

Last week I placed a little nail  polishes order with ASOS and I was overly excited this morning when I got it. If Irish post actually delivered  on a Saturday, it would have been with me since.
Here is what I ordered

 Barry M Acid Yellow #229: for the past 3 years I have been looking for a super bright yellow that would work with my skin tone and so far had been failing. This will hopefully work with its slight acid under tone. I know my skin tone doesn't exactly suit warm toned polishes so here's hoping. I already have a couple of nail foils in mind that would make an amazing look teamed up with this.

Barry M Magnetic Blue: this is part  of the new Magnetic Nail Effects line. I had my eyes on the blue one since I saw the first press releases, I just could not resist that star effect. My usual luck has had it that my Boots never had a single bottle left whenever I went looking for it.  Anything that gives my nails a nail art effect without me taking my eyes out of my sockets, is right up my street!

Models Own Tropical Sun: this is part of their Beetlejuice collection. I missed out on the collection when it first came out as every time I tried to order from any web site, the whole line was sold out. I am aware that this is a complete warm colour with a warm under tone but the colour just screamed at me!  This is going to look absolutely AMAZING in the Italian sunshine on my holidays!
Models Own Indian Ocean: this too from the Beetlejuice. I have been almost obsessed with getting my hands on this little wonder and I have to admit out of this mini haul, this was the polish I was looking forward to the most. I was already looking forward to wearing it on my holiday.
However that MIGHT not happen. At first glance I thought the label had not been applied properly and had some air pockets under it, but on closer inspection my heart sank: the whole bottle is smashed to pieces! Had it been just one crack I wouldn't have cared, THAT is how much  I wanted this polish! But as soon as I remove the outer plastic wrapping, I am sure the whole bottle would just  shatter to pieces. I am pondering just ordering another bottle straight away before ASOS get back to me about it, just to make sure I do have this with me when I leave next week.

I also ordered a Rimmel matte top coat as my ELF one has gone bad and has been thrown away.

Any of these caught your eyes too?

*UPDATE*: the AMAZING customer service at ASOS have got back to me since this was typed up. I should have a new Indian Ocean soon, hopefully before I leave next week.

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