Friday, August 24, 2012

fancy a bit of Italian shopping?

As I have mentioned  already at the end of next week I am off to the home land for a bit of well deserved holiday and also for some crucial hospital tests to find out if my cancer is back or not. I am REALLY scared about that.

Anyway! I will be taking a good look around a few beauty shops and department store so if there is anything from an Italian brand you would like me to get you, or do a beauty/nail/fashion swap, then get in touch. You can leave me a comment here, send me an e-mail or get me on Twitter.

Here are a few beauty brands websites you might wanna take a look at:
KIKO Cosmetics
Layla Cosmetics
DEBORAH Milano  -their English section doesn't really show the full nail polishes/products list so I would suggest you check it here in the Italian section, it's fairly easy to understand-
I will also be encountering the full Essence and Catrice counters in hope that mainland continent has some products that never made it to Ireland or the UK in the last few months so, if there's anything you were looking out for but never found, let me know. I know I have quite a few!

I hope everyone has a nice week-end.


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