Monday, September 10, 2012

A quick note from the mother land

Hello everyone,
Just a quick note from the motherland, in case you don't follow me on Twitter.
Last Wednesday I had my blood taken (all of FIVE vials! ) and had my moles checked. Tomorrow morning I'm collecting the blood results and as for the moles....well, it's not so straight forward.
Since my first cancer I've been closely monitoring myself, learning what to look out for. I recently noticed I developed a couple of new ones and some old ones have changed.
This coming Wednesday I have some extra tests because the doctors are extremely worried about a couple of them so before they operate they want to be categorically certain I do require surgery.
I didn't take this news very well, and even though they didn't actually say THE word, I KNOW what there's a high chance it might be.
I've been trying to keep myself busy and pamper myself, but it's not exactly working well as diversion tactics go.
Even though I know I have one of the best oncology teams in the fields behind me, my head is on overdrive -with some extra rubbish going on in my life sprinkled on top too.
I did plan on blogging while away, show you stuff I've bought or am using, but inconveniently 3G signal where I am hasn't improved since I was here last.
I shall update you after my tests on Wednesday.
Have a nice week,

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