Thursday, September 27, 2012

new hair

While I was at home I took the chance to pay a visit to my amazing hairdresser, who's been the only person to every put their hands on my hair, EVER!

Here are a couple of photos

Cutting wise all I had done was just trimming the side bangs.
As far as colour is concerned I did a couple of things. My roots were touched up with L'Oreal Luo Colour 9.3 Light Golden Blonde; I do this every time I go home,  after a couple of washes it basically fades to almost my natural colour but I need it or otherwise my roots would start turning green because of the pollution in the city (that's what happens to my natural hair with high level of chemicals). Additionally it gives my hair an amazing golden shine.

I got a few low lights with the colour 7.3, I got the lower layer of my bangs done, and a few pieces here and there, starting from mid length only, or it would have been too over powering for my taste.

I also got a very few orange reddish pieces. This wasn't from the Luo Color range and I unfortunately lost the piece of paper on which I wrote the colour name. I apologise.

So what do you guys think of my newly freshened up locks? I have to say I absolutely LOVE it !!

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