Monday, October 1, 2012

Layla Cosmetics - Ceramic Effect polish n. 64

As I mentioned in my post before I left, I was going to spoil myself a little whilst I was away.
I especially went "รค smidge" mad  in the nail polish department. It has to be noted though that half of the purchases are presents for friends/other fellow bloggers, or I will be giving away on here, and yes it will be for everyone, all over the globe.
One of the brands I was looking forward to checking out was Layla Cosmetics, an 100% Italian brand, and in particular their polishes. Unfortunately, as Murphy's law persecuted me for the whole stay, when I had a chance to visit a local beauty supply that stocks them, they were low in stock(for pretty much every other brand too...) so I didn't really have much choice. I will make sure to go back next month.

This is one of their goodies I managed to pick up: it's n. 64 from the Ceramic Effect range. Their web site presents the range as: "perfectly smooth nails in one motion. A nail polish with a professional finish. It doesn't require a base.".

It has to be noted it is very smooth, but no smoother than many other drugstore brands. It applies quite effortlessly, although the super precise brush picks up way too much product and needs to be "unloaded". The photos in this post feature show 2 very thin coats(no top coat). Drying times is pretty much average.
The "professional finish" bit is quite debatable, with a good base and a steady opaque application, most polishes can look professional.
As for the no base claim, I'm not really one to risk and always use one anyway. As if I'm not going to apply a base coat with such a "scary" colour!

Now let's get to the colour itself: it's a deep purple base with a sapphire reflex. Unfortunately the gorgeous blue tone can only be appreciated in the sun light, but boy! is it a really striking hue! Indoors it's simply a really glossy deep purple.
This is one of those polishes that just make you sit outside or by the window and just stare at your nails for hours on end!!!
Here come the evidence

Although I'm not really one too bothered about seasons when it comes to my nail dressing, this strikes as a perfect, all-year-round polish. Would you agree?


ps: ...there might, or might not, be one up for grabs on the blog soon...

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