Sunday, October 7, 2012

NOTD: KIKO n. 362 + Rimmel matte finish

As I have already mentioned, I went on a bit of a nail polish spree when I was home last month. This is one of the beauties I picked up, n. 362 Poppy Red  with Rimmel matte top coat and Angelica multi colour glitter, on the thumbs and ring fingers.

I am so utterly in pure LOVE for KIKO polishes. They have the most amazing shine and super smooth finish, the brush make it a dream to apply and dries hard super quickly: at less than €4 I think they are the best high street polishes I have EVER tried!
I am really not used to red make up on me but I have been told over and over that it IS my colour, so I thought I should start play with it.
The Rimmel matte top coat has an amazingly smooth finish too and, I know I'm 578396754 years late in falling for it but, I don't think there's a better rival for this on the market now.
I threw in a bit of glitter for good measure, the matte finish was looking a little too bland for my usually super BAM! nails. This would be a good slightly understated Christmas manicure,
The general consensus from the "public" about this is that it's "really sexy".
Yeah, I think I'll go with that...
What do you think?

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  1. Ah I love Kiko polishes as well! I just did a post on one of their pink polishes in 288, check it out sometime! :) xx