Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The night before the morning after

...No, sorry to disappoint you guys, but this ain't a new "50 shades of Lil" style segment on the blog. Interesting and entertaining as it would be.
I'm in my bed back in Italy, and it's 3am. Very few hours away from surgery.
I'm surprisingly very calm and strangely soothed.
I'm not worried. I'm not stressing. I'm not agitated. I'm not upset.
In my head I keep thinking that this'll turn out to be nothing but just a little meaningless nuisance. One of those episodes that is there on the path of life, to give you a little kick in the you-know-what, to remind you that you could be in a much worse situation.
I also have the utmost faith in my doctors, no matter what the outcome.
There is one little aspect though that's going to be bugging me : the fact I won't be able to walk properly nor long distance, for a few weeks.
I'm not entirely certain of what it'll be like, will I require walking with crutches for long?
I remember from the first surgery 11 years ago how frustrating it was to use them! They drove me up the wall and I ended up sticking to them for only half the advised amount of time.
I'm a walker, i used to be a running champion, for crying out loud! Tuesday alone I went on a 10k walk at the sea side.
I am grabbing this opportunity to thank anyone who's taken the time to send me messages over the last 6 weeks. GRAZIE!
I shall, of course, keep you lot posted .

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