Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer days drifted away

The other day I went out looking for a pair of shorts for the summer and a new bikini for my upcoming little summer break at home.
Well....I didn't quite go to plan...
I came home with neither of those but with something else instead
New Look, size 12
For a few years now I have been looking for the perfect summery, yellow dress. However as we all know not any shade of it will look nice on  blondes with fair skin, so when I saw this I just had to at least try it on. BIG mistake, I loved it, I had to have it! So I did. It will look even more striking after I've applied a little bit of fake tan.
New Look, size 6-39
Last summer I bought a pair of size 5 gorgeous wedges with overlapping straps on the whole length of the foot, but when I took them out a few weeks ago and put them on, to my horror I found out they don't fit me anymore?! Apparently my feet have strangely grown a little. Any other summer I would have worn them regardless but unfortunately the straps were painfully pushing down on my scar tissue from the surgery so had to say good bye to them.
And so I found myself with either trainers or ankle boots for summer. I do spend all the time either bare foot or in flip flops at my parents' beach cabin but could never bring myself to wearing them here in Ireland, I don't know why.
So the above sparkly beauties are my new summery companions, hoping the warm weather does make a come back in the next few weeks.
I picked them because they are flat, so perfect for day time  rumbling around, but also dressy enough to be used for night time parties on the beach.

Boohoo, size 14 

I have seen this skirt in all its colour combinations floating around different websites for a good few months now(although never in this tones), however I could never justify paying close to 50 quid for a skirt I wouldn't exactly get a lot of wear out of. Last week the lovely Marissa Carter(the same that created Cocoa Brown Tan) wore the very same skirt on her weekly feature on TV3's Xposé and I HAD to ask her where she got it from. 
She directed me to Boohoo and my heart sank a little bit when I saw they were out of stock of my size. After pondering for a few hours, thanks to the fact it was in the sale, I decided to go for it and purchase the size bigger, I could have always taken it in at the waist had it been too big.
Well today it arrived and although I should have learned by now that Boohoo does wear a size too small, I am so glad I went for the upper size as it fits like a glove on the waist. RESULT!!!

....I am still a bikini short though! That'll be my next mission!
Any of these take your fancy?


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