Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best in beauty, awards

Last Thursday I was invited along to the "Best in beauty" awards reception at the Dylan Hotel here in town. For my international readers who don't know about here's a little background info for ya'.
Since 2006 it is the number online beauty resource here in Ireland, and I know people outside the country that won't buy anything without treading their reviews. It is run by two sisters, beauty columnists and more general super media involved gals. You gotta love their writing style! If you're not a subscriber yet, what are you waiting for?! chop chop!! Trust yours truly, you shall not regret it !
For the past few weeks they have been running their yearly "Best in beauty"awards, receiving over 70,000 votes over the two nominating and voting stages. If you wish to see the whole list of winners, make your way over here.
Some winners didn't surprise me at all like MAC winning "best beauty brand" (and pretty much most of the single titles in the make up category as well) , Aussie and Batiste got most of the best hair section, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs as "best tanning product". However I was positively impressed by some of the other winners being my own fave's like "best bronzer" Rimmel Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer, "best hair removal product" Gillette Venus Embrace, or "best body gadget" being none other than the super duper Penneys(Primark to UK peeps) exfoliating gloves.

Now back to the evening. Firstly I have to apologise for the major lack of photographic evidence, my camera decided to have a little hissy fit (or maybe it was too excited?!) and decided it wasn't gonna show me 90% of photos taken at the event and after.
This is one of the few that survived the mutiny

The reception was kindly sponsored by West Coast Cooler which provided plenty of bubbly and part of our goodie bags. Being the wine snob I am (hey, I'm Italian, I'm allowed!) my taste buds were introduced to a new bubbly experience! Thank you and thank you to the guys at West Coast Cooler!
Here's my outfit of choice for the event:
I had a really good couple of FOTD shots but they also were part of the "can't display this image" bunch. My right eye was pretty much refusing to work properly on Thursday so maybe it's a good thing you don't get to see it, make up wasn't exactly impeccable...

Now to the aforementioned goodie bags, here's their content:
- Rimmel Vinyl Max gloss in Outrageous
- Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Haute Chocolate
- No. 7 lash adapt mascara in black
- a Kiehl's handy travel bag with a few samples
- a money off voucher for a course of treatments at a local cosmetic clinic
- 2 different bottle of West Coast Cooler, currently coolly sitting in my fridge

There was also a pamphlet in the bag, which made me aware of the "Look good...Feel better" programme supported by The Irish Cancer Society, where "expert beauty advice will help patients gain the confidence they need to face the world and fight the disease".
When I was going through cancer myself I met a lot of women going through chemo or radio therapy and I know a lot of them would have loved the chance of taking part in little workshops like these. If you or anyone you know would like more info about the programme, you can visit their web site.
The gorgeous Karen Coster from Xpose was presenting the event and man is that woman even more stunning in the flesh!!!!
Did I mention the yummy finger food? No? Well I just did....finger licking yummy !!!

Here's to next year's reception
Lil xxx


  1. aww, what a nice post! Thanks a million for coming and I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you this time - next time FOR SURE!

  2. oh the mighty Kirstie left me a comment!! I'm not worthy *bows down*
    Thank you for the RT and sharing the link on Facebook :-)

  3. Love your outfit and a great post x

  4. oh waw! a lot of awesome things are coming your way lately! :D Keep doing good while lookin good girl! ;)