Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm blue da ba dee, da ba da...

Do you remember that annoyingly annoying(yes, it WAS that annoying!) song from a few years back? No? Let me kindly remind you...

Yes I am aware of the fact you will "hate" me now as it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I apologise for that and for the fact that the creators of such musical nuisance are fellow Italians...
So, blue is the theme for the day and this post.

I had a job interview this morning which was going swimmingly, until the human resources woman copped on to my eye sight. I was asked to wait outside while she and someone above her decided what excuse to make up not to directly mention my disability to turn me down.
Well, here's a little tip for ya if you work in that field: make sure the person you're about to bring down is out of ear shot, try to completely close the door for starters.
.....this is one of those occasions I hate how the rest of my senses make up for my eyes.

On the way back home my eyes fell on one of these:
NO ONE dare tell me how it ends, I haven't seen it yet!
I was always a Smurfs fanatic(you know me, anything of any shade of blue, I'm there), and I confess to still watching the odd episode I catch on TV when I go home. For some reason it seems us Europeans were more mad into the little Belgians things more than the Brits or Irish.
Back in the 80s and 90s ice cream parlours up and down the Italian boot were crammed with the Smurfs flavour, I survived on the stuff when I was a kid! And I tell you those little things are YUMMY!!! Anyway, I digress....

My head started to go off on one, as it often does, I believe mainly to try and distract me from what had just happened at the interview. And I had a Eureka! moment.
I remember the couture summer collections had plenty of blue splashes so I thought I'd feature some of my favorite in this post.
If you don't like colour (or blue) look away now

previously featured in my Bag Porn post, Juicy Couture

Emilio Pucci

Costume National


and my fave...

*adopts tone of Discovery "How do they do it?" voice over* And that's how you smurf from a ridiculously depressing start of the week to some super expensive couture dreaming!

And remember, "don't smurf with the wroooong girl!"



  1. Sucks how people can be mean like that. If you can do the job who cares about your eyesight. Don't let them get you down. They're the little ones.

    As for Smurfs. Haven't seen it either. No time or means. Maybe when it come out on DVD.

    The Moschino dress is gorg.

    Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  2. That is absolutely disgusting that they did not want you cos of your eyesight!
    I mean whats wrong with people seriously they need a kick up the backside...honestly.
    Sorry that made me so mad!

    Hope you get something soon surely all companies cannot behave like that!

  3. Thats outrageous. And more importantly, illegal! I bloody hope you are going to contact the head of the company and kick up a huge fuss!

  4. Hiya

    I just wondered how you were as you had not posted for a while. Hope you are ok