Monday, September 6, 2010

my SJP hair accessory box

Being one that never wastes anything, always recycles everything and likes a bit of DIY...I give you my most recent brain fart.
A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a little something which came with the most adorable and colorful box. It seemed too cute to just throw away so I kept it in hope to reuse it for something.
The day after I went to look for a hair band in my hair accessory box and as usual had to take everything out to find it and take it out. My little colourful cupcake box then sprung back to mind and hey presto! a new idea was there.
I used pieces of a cereal box to reinforce the sidex and lid where it was bending so it would keep rigid, and opened one of the corners of the front lid panel so I can open it without having to hold it down.

Plus I browsed through a magazine and picked out a few images I liked thinking about making a little collage to stick under the lid to "prettyfy" it a bit...but then just ended up using the ad for the new SJP fragrance. I used tape to stick it to the lid so if I find an image I like more, or get sick of that one, I can replace it and have a brand new box.
ET VOILA ! A new wider box which will allow me to look for something without having to take everything out every time!
What do you guys think? Pretty? Waste of time? Bleurgh?

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